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PDF Core Library Overview

PDF Core Library exports a complete set of APIs for creating PDF-capable applications. There are low-level functions for direct control of PDF data streams and powerful APIs for parsing, viewing, printing, and editing PDF files. The Core Library is the fundamental building block for all Zeon DocuCom products.
Since 1995, DocuCom PDF technology has proven to be the premiere PDF document processing solution in the marketplace. It offers complete font handling capabilities, including Type1, Type3, CFF, TrueType, CID and Multiple Master font substitution (2 MM fonts are included in the standard package). Zeon is also the first company in the world to make PDF products compatible with DBCS Asian languages. The DocuCom PDF Core Library is an easy-to-integrate module that replaces the need for developers to learn multiple document processing APIs, greatly reducing your application抯 time-to-market.

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