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Automatic Installation for Corporate Users

A special solution to remotely install and activate DocuCom Products for computers on each client side within the corporate network has been provided for corporate users.

Below are detailed steps on how to automatically install Zeon DocuCom serial products by using Microsoft Windows Active Directory Service or Microsoft Systems Management Server.

1 Via Microsoft Windows Active Directory Service
     1.1 Modify the MSI installer
     1.2 Assign the product

2 Via Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
     2.1 Create the package
     2.2 Create the advertisement
                          Copyright 1993-2023, Zeon Corporation


1 Via Microsoft Windows Active Directory Service

1.1 Modify the MSI installer
    1. Firstly, download the MSI installer at

    2. Right-click the downloaded file and copy your valid serial number
          to the Comments property in the Summary tab, then click OK.

1.2 Assign the product
    1. On the server, choose Start>Programs>Administrative Tools and click
        ActiveDirectory Users and Computers. This step starts the Active Directory Users
        and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

    Note: If Administrative Tools was not found: Right-click the taskbar and click
           Properties, then select Display Administrative Tools on the Advanced tab.

    2. Right-click the Organizational Unit in which you want to install the package and
          select Properties.
    3. In the Group Policy tab select a Group Policy Object or create a new one, then
    click Edit. The Group Policy MMC will start.

    4. In the Group Policy MMC, expand the Computer Configuration>Software
or User Configuration>Software Settings. Then right-click Software
and select New>Package.

    5. In the Open dialog, browse the installer and click Open.
          Note: The MSI installer requires the client computer to have the MSI 2.0 engine

    6. In the Deploy Software dialog, select Assigned and click OK.


Via Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
There are two ways to activate the products deployed with SMS. The first is to modify
the MSI installer. The second is passing the valid serial number to the installer while
advertising the package.

    1.3 Create the package

    1. On the server, choose Start>Programs>Systems Management Server and click
        SMS Administrator Console. This step starts Systems Management Server

    2. In the left panel, expand the Site Database tree, right-click Packages and select New->Package.
    3. In the General tab, name the package and provide any of the following information:
  • Version number of the software package
  • Name of the software publisher
  • Language version
  • Description of the package
        4. In the Distribution Setting tab, choose High from the Sending Priority menu and
       click OK. The package should appear under the Package snap-in of the Site
       Database tree on the SMS console.

        5. Expand the package under the Packages snap-in, and then right-click
      Distribution Points. Select New->Distribution Points.
        6. In the New Distribution Points Wizard dialog, select the servers that you want to designate as the distribution points, and click Finish.

        7. Right click Programs and select New->Program. The Program Properties dialog box will pop up.

        8. In the Command Line panel of the Program Properties dialog box, click Browse to locate the installer folder.


        9. Do one of the following:
  • Run the modified MSI installer "DocuCom Product.msi"
  • Run the original installer "DocuCom Product.exe" /s /w /v"DOCUCOMSERIALNUMBER="your valid serial number" /qn" OR Msiexec.exe /qn /i"full path to the msi file" DOCUCOMSERIALNUMBER="your valid serial number"
    Note: The MSI installer requires the client computers to have the MSI 2.0 engine installed.


        10.In the Environment tab, click the Run with administrative rights option. 

        11.Click OK to display the SMS package.


    2.2 Create the advertisement
        1. On the Site Database tree expand Collections, and right-click the collection that will receive the package. Select All Tasks>Distribute Software. The Distribute Software to Collection wizard will start. Click Next.

        2. In the Package dialog, select Distribute an Existing Package, and click Next.

        3. In the Select a Program to Advertise dialog, select the product and click Next.

        4. In the Advertisement Name dialog, specify Name and Comment of the Advertisement and click Next.

        5. In the Advertise to Subcollections dialog, specify any subcollections that should also receive the advertisement, and click Next.

        6. In the Advertisement Schedule dialog, confirm or change the time that the advertisement is offered, then specify whether the advertisement should expire and when.

        7. In the Assign Program dialog, click Yes to assign the program, and click Next.

        8. In the Completing the Distribute Software to Collection Wizard dialog, review the settings you chose and click Finish.

    Copyright 1993-2005, Zeon Corporation
    All rights reserved.

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