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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and valuable information regarding ZEON DocuCom PDF family of products are provided here for your reference. Please contact us if you have any further questions or comments.
I purchased maintenance service for my license. If I add more copies within the maintenance timeframe, what is the cost of maintenance for those new copies?2009-5-15
How do I change my account e-mail address?2009-5-15
I do not own a Zeon DocuCom product but saw the “” trial watermark in my Nuance/Scansoft’s Paperport, PDF Create Pro, or Omnipage documents. Why is this?2009-2-1
When I try activate, I get error code 107. What does this mean?2009-2-1
When I try to activate, I get error 0x20020221. What does this mean?2009-2-1
When I try to activate DocuCom 9 on Windows Vista it says I must “log in as administrator,” even though I already am. How do I activate?2009-2-1
How can I create customized dynamic stamps?2007-6-29
How to Bind My Licenses?2007-6-1
I already bound a serial number to my account. May I transfer the license to my friend?2007-6-1
How to retrieve New Serial Number for all Product Version after 7.77? (For 7.76 or earlier users only)2007-6-1
How to purchase an upgrade?2007-6-1
Why I cannot login Zeon's website?2007-5-22
Why I cannot install DocuCom PDF 7.X on Windows Vista?2007-4-30
During the installation, I receive the error "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor", why?2007-4-30
I cannot open PDF file link in Maxthon. Why?2007-4-4
How to control DocuCom PDF Driver programmatically?2007-2-13
How to insert PDF Reader OCX control into your VB project quickly and easily?2007-2-13
What is the "Deactivation Online" item in my account used for?2006-12-26
Why do I receive the error code "-371" when buying at your online store?2006-9-20
The Serial Number is already been registered, can you change the registration to me?2006-4-3
Why can't I convert multi-page TIFF files?2006-2-15
I installed AutoCAD application, but could not convert any *.dwg file with PDF Direct!, why?2006-1-20
All of icons on toolbar line vertically and in a mess, how to get PDF Plus back to normal?2006-1-20
I want to create PDF file from doc. files by programming, which product should I choose?2006-1-19
How to download the PDF Reader OCX (SDK edition)'s installer?2006-1-18
How to control DocuCom PDF Driver programmatically?2006-1-17
Is compression method ZIP different from JPEG?2006-1-17
How to suppress "Save as" dialogue box?2006-1-17
How to retrieve the Key File I lost?2006-1-17
PDF filename problem --- 1 character filename only.2005-11-25
Any time I right-clicked a file, the Zeon installation dialog box would appear. Why?2005-11-25
No VB or VC source codes are available after installing PDF Reader OCX.2005-11-25
How to add dynamic fields to Header and Footer -- such as page number, date, author and so on?2005-11-25
What if the PDF files created by PDF Driver is different from the source files?2005-11-25
Why the files generated by PDF Driver are larger than the source files?2005-11-25
Why is the page size different from the one I set in "General >> Paper Size of Driver"?2005-11-25
How can I convert HTML files that with hyperlinks into PDF?2005-11-24
How to purchase additional licenses for corporate customers?2005-7-1
How to share DocuCom PDF Driver across corporate network?2005-4-10
How to insert PDF Reader OCX control into your VC project quickly and easily?2005-1-13
Can PDF Driver support PostScript language?2005-1-10
Does your product DocuCom only work on Windows2004-3-31
How is the compatibility of DocuCom with Acrobat2004-3-31
Why Fonts are wrongly substituted?2004-3-31
What is the difference between ZIP and JPEG compression method?2004-3-31
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