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How to upgrade your product to the latest version

Purchasing upgrades and additional licenses for Corporate users
Corporate customers may still retain just one serial number for Zeon products after the purchase of additional copies or upgrades. A new serial number licensed for the total copies (including newly added ones) will be issued to replace the original one.

1. Sign In to Zeon's website, or click here to create a free account if you don't have one yet.

2. Click the "Bind My Licenses" button on the Licenses List page and enter your product serial number from your previous purchase, then click Bind Now. The license information will be shown on the page. If you purchase the product(s) after you sign into your account, the product license will be bound automatically.

3. Click the "Upgrade/Buy More" button, You can select your upgrade or buy additional copies by following the directions on the screen.

4. Enter the required quantity for upgrades and/or any additional purchases on the page Upgrade Sheet. Then click the button Go to Bank for online payment.

Zeon Definition for Upgrade/Update:
Upgrade: "Upgrade" means moving up to a higher "Major" version, such as from 6.x to 7.x. Upgrades offer new features and specifications. Registered users can purchase an upgrade at a discount online.
Update: "Update" means moving up to a higher level within the same "Major" version, such as from 7.0 to 7.7. Updates are free of charge and the Serial Number will be the same for any products within the same "Major" version.
Note: You must register your product(s) online before updating or upgrading. It is strongly recommended to uninstall any previous versions first before installing the new version.

Later versions significantly improve upon their predecessors. We suggest you upgrade to the latest version of each product to enjoy faster conversion and better performance.

Upgrade Price
Dirver Upgrade Price:
Upgrade for PDF Driver Volume Licensing (Unit Price all in US Dollars)
Vision Upgrade to 1 2-9 10-49 50-99 100-250
V9.x PDF Gold 9.x 60 54 52 49 47
V8.x PDF Gold 9.x 79.60 69.60 65.60 61.40 57.80
PDF Driver 9.x 19.60 15.60 13.60 12.40 10.80
V7.x PDF Gold 9.x 89.40 77.40 72.40 67.60 63.20
PDF Driver 9.x 29.40 23.40 20.40 18.60 16.20

Gold Upgrade Price:
Upgrade for PDF Gold Volume of Licensing (Unit Price all in US Dollars)
Vision Upgrade to 1 2-9 10-49 50-99 100-250
V8.x PDF Gold 9.x
39.60 34.40 32.40 31.20 29.60
V7.x PDF Gold 9.x
59.40 51.60 48.60 46.80 44.40

Plus Upgrade Price:
Upgrade for PDF Plus Volume of License (Unit Price in USD$ )
Version Upgrade to 1 2-9 10-49 50-99 100-250
v9.x PDF Gold 9.x 49 39 34 31 27
v8.x PDF Gold 9.x 73.00 60.60 54.80 50.60 45.80
v7.x PDF Gold 9.x 85.00 71.40 65.20 60.40 55.20

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