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Purchase PDF Server
Version: 9.10
Operation System: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista
License: Normal
Language: English
Edition: Server
Max Capability:

Important Notice:
  • Pricing for PDF Server is based on 5 different performance levels. For example, the 1000 pages/100 files license allows creation of 1000 pages or 100 files an hour, whichever comes first and regardless of number of users. The product will cease operation for one hour after reaching its limit
  • The DocuCom PDF Server 8 and above versions will not be supporting Windows 95/98/Me/NT environments. Those customers please continue to use DocuCom PDF Server 7.x or earlier versions.

Fax Order Form
Order Form for DocuCom PDF Server(.pdf 114KB)

Last updated: July 26, 2005 Unit: USD

PDF Server

Level Performance/Capability Unit Price (in US Dollar)
1 1000 pages or 100 files per hour $1200
2 2000 pages or 200 files per hour $2000
3 5000 pages or 500 files per hour $4000
4 10000 pages or 1000 files per hour $7500
5 Unlimited pages or files per hour $12000

MAINTENANCE for all Zeon DocuCom Standard products:
Maintenance provides the consumer with prioritized support on technical enquiries and free upgrade licenses during the duration of the service. As long as you are under service, the Serial Number for purchased products will be good for all upgraded versions of that product. Corporate and end users are encouraged to reduce future upgrade costs and enjoy priority technical support with the purchase of Maintenance Service.

License Terms-- DocuCom server product
You can use DocuCom Server for corporate intranet use only. Usage of DocuCom Server product in an Internet environment is strictly prohibited.
Please see Server License Agreement for details.
  • Each server machine requires a separate license. There is no limitation on the number of connected users or concurrent users.
  • There are 5 performance levels (Permitted Performance Level) for DocuCom Server, each with a different price.
  • The entry level "1000 pages/100 files per hour" license should be able to answer the needs of most small-size companies, while the "2000 pages/200 files per hour", "5000 pages/500 files per hour", and "10000 pages/1000 files per hour" licenses can cover a wide range of business requirements. The "Unlimited" license is suitable for large-scale corporations that require massive processing power.
    For each license, PDF Server will stop processing if, and only if, both limits (pages and files) are exceeded, and will resume after one hour. Customers may purchase extra power (upgrades) whenever necessary.

    Purchase and Delivery Policy
    1. Download and install the DocuCom product of your choice
    Visit our web site and find the product on the Download Center page. Download the latest version and install it on your system (earlier versions also available).

    2. Purchase the license
    a. Buy the product online with your credit card.
    b. Download the order form from our website. Fill it in and fax it to us.

    3. Receive the Serial Number
    a. After processing your online order successfully, the Serial Number will be available on the confirmation page and also delivered to the e-mail address specified in your order form.
    b. For fax orders, we will prepare the Serial Number manually and send it to the e-mail address provided in your order form.

    4. Activate the product
    Enter the Serial Number while installing the product and it will activate online.
    Note: You must activate the product within 30 days of installation. Otherwise, the product will revert to the trial version after expiration. "Trial" watermarks will then be shown across all PDF pages.

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