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Key Features of PDF Gold

PDF Creation--Second to None
Based on our legendary "DocuCom PDF Driver", PDF Gold is capable to convert all application source files to PDF under Windows with speed and quality. Extensive features are available, such as "Font Embedding", "Compression", "Watermark", "Security", "Open Options", and"Document Abstraction"; See PDF Driver for details.
PDF Gold offers extra benefits for:
  • Drag-Drop Converting/convert source files to PDF; or even
  • Drag-Drop Inserting(or copy-paste)/insert objects (files) on document pages.

  • Intuitive Browsing
    Carefully-designed workspace allows you to browse PDF documents easily with different layouts and magnifications. A single click brings you to the next (or previous) page, or scrolls the contents with preferred speed. By combining the Hand with the Dynamic Zoom and Loupe tools, PDF Gold helps you to browse document pages painlessly while relieving every detail of the contents.

    Powerful Printing Controls
    Our thorough printing controls allow specifying print range, order, copies, zoom/fit factors, tile or N-up printing; with precise preview. You can even blow up the print out somehow by removing page margins.

    Documents Assembly
    PDF Gold allows you to treat all documents in the same way. For example, you can freely combine MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other source files into one PDF document; or drag-drop pages from different sources to assemble a new document. (Note: All files are converted to PDF in background, if necessary.)
    You may then freely re-arrange pages (Rotate, Crop, Copy, Paste, Delete, and/or Extract pages); create bookmarks and/or hyperlinks; create table of contents; re-number pages; and then secure and publish the documents.

    Editing Bookmarks/Hyperlinks
    You can create bookmark trees to logically represent a document. You can even drag the whole bookmark tree across files to create a document archive easily. Link tool can define a hot area on document page to be associated with another page view or URL.

    Annotating/Reviewing/Marking up Documents
    Various"Markup" tools are available to
    • Highlight, Cross out, Underline text phrases;
    • Draw Lines, Eclipse, Rectangle, Polygon, Polyline, Clouds, and/or Freehand shapes;
    • Add popup"Comment" (works like stitching notes) for entering comments. Markups may have string of popup notes from different reviewers;
    • Add text phrases using Text Box tool.
    • Attach application files to PDF document.
    • Add Stamps on PDF pages.

    The Comment Panel in document “Navigation” panel helps you to organize all markups in one place, where you can sort or show markups by type, date, author, etc.

    Securing Documents
    Documents can be secured using passwords. "Open" password controls the permissions to read the document, while "Secure" password controls the permission to copy, print, annotate, or modify the document. Both 40bits and 128bits encryptions are available.

    Getting/Setting Document Properties
    Other than the security information, you can obtain Summary or Fonts information of the document; and optionally set (or add) Initial View or Custom Fields (metadata) to the document.

    Creating PDF Forms
    You can create electronic form by designing the form (with static text and graphics) in any authoring application, such as MS Word. Then drag the Word document in PDF Gold (will be converted to PDF automatically) and start to create dynamic fields using the form tools -- Button, Check Box, Radio Box, Combo Box, List, and Text Field.

    Document object model and JavaScript are available for customizing form fields. It is possible for developers to extend new "Actions" or new "Appearances" by writing plug in.

    Searching/Indexing Documents
    The Search tool helps to locate information in PDF documents by looking phrases in the current document, a specified folder, or an indexed archive:
    • Search current document.
    • Search all files in specified folder.
    • Search against pre-build index files.

    "PDF Gold" (including PDF Plus Professional) is capable to create indexes across gigabytes of PDF documents. This Unicode based index engine allows searching both the contents and pre-defined custom fields.

    Editing Page Contents
    PDF Gold (PDF Plus Professional) offers following methods for editing page contents. For example, you can add clipart on a blank page then copy/paste/edit text data to complete a photo album:
    • Insert clipart: Introduce new clipart (objects) by drag-drop (or Copy/Paste) objects on PDF page. Source file will be converted to PDF if necessary.
    • Manipulate clipart: You may then Select, Move, Rotate, Scale objects;
    • Edit text data: Use Touchup Text tool to edit text data on document page.

    Note: you cannot edit the text font which is not available locally and is embedded with subset (only partially embedded) in the document.

    Signing Documents (Digital Signature)
    PDF Gold (PDF Plus Professional) uses industrial standard Public-Private Keys to "Digitally" sign the document to prevent illegal modification or piracy. Essentially, you create a key pair, Public Key and Private Key first; keep the Private Key safely while sending Public Keys to others.

    Important: Data encrypted by the private key can only be decrypted by the public key, and vice versa.

    * Signing a Document using Private Key: Since only you own the "Private" key (used to sign the document), and if your public key (distributed to the public) can decrypt the file successfully, then it can be sure the file is signed by your "Private" key in other words by you. Once signed with the private key, any modification of the document will break the seal.
    * Encrypting a Document using Public Key: You may also send private document to a friend (encrypted the document with your friend's public key) while no others can read.

    Note: Third party digital ID and certificates can be supported under PDF Gold (PDF Plus Professional) by writing new security plug-ins.

    Sending Documents or Pages
    You can send selected pages, or the whole document to mail recipients.

    Redo/Undo Facilities
    Unlimited levels of Redo and Undo helps you to correct mistakes when editing the PDF document.

    Expandable Architecture
    Developer can write plug-ins to realize application specific features to expand the basic functions provided by PDF Gold (PDF Plus).
    The SDK Edition will come with "Application Wizard" to be integrated with VC++. You can dramatically reduce the development cost by creating the plug-in framework automatically. For compatibility reasons, PDF Plus also provides compatible APIs documented in AcrobatTM SDK 5; and most of existing AcrobatTM plug-ins can be easily ported to Plus 6.

    How to Upgrade
    PDF Plus or PDF Driver users can purchase the upgrade license to enjoy PDF Gold. Go to our Web site for details.

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