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DocuCom PDF Gold - Free Full-Function Trial Edition for 30 days
Version 9 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista
Version File Size Last updated  
9.51 R1 33, 121KB Nov 21, 2008   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 36, 686KB Nov 21, 2008   Download (64-Bit)
Simplified Chinese
9.51 R1 33, 924KB Mar 6, 2009   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 37, 336KB Mar 6, 2009   Download (64-Bit)
Traditional Chinese
9.51 R1 34, 162KB May 8, 2009   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 37, 697KB May 8, 2009   Download (64-Bit)
8.00 R1 22, 097KB Oct 19, 2007   Download (32-Bit)
8.00 R1 24, 686KB Oct 19, 2007   Download (64-Bit)
9.51 R1 33, 480KB Dec 12, 2008   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 36, 899KB Dec 12, 2008   Download (64-Bit)
9.51 R1 32, 589KB Feb 10, 2009   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 36, 007KB Feb 10, 2009   Download (64-Bit)

For Enterprise Deployment:
Version File Size Last updated  
9.51 R1 29, 310KB Nov 21, 2008   Download (32-Bit)
9.51 R1 32, 874KB Nov 21, 2008   Download (64-Bit)
Important Notice:
  • DocuCom PDF software versions 8 and above do not support Windows 95/98/ME/NT. Please use version 7 or earlier for those OS.
  • Please re-download or try an alternative download site listed in the Download Center if the size of the program downloaded is different from the listed size above.
  • 30-day full-function trial period - A trial watermark will appear across all PDF pages after the trial period is up.
  • To download version 8.x or below, visit the DocuCom Software Archive.


Enterprise Deployment (Remote Installation)
A special solution to remotely install and activate DocuCom Products within a corporate network has been provided for corporate users.
Please See Automatic Installation for Corporate Users for more details.

License Terms -- for DocuCom PDF workstation products
  • Workstation Products: Except for DocuCom PDF Server and some component-related products, all Zeon DocuCom PDF products are licensed for workstation use only.
  • For Interactive Use Only: User interaction is required to operate DocuCom PDF workstation products. It is prohibited and illegal to program the workstation products as an automatic tool for batch conversion. You need to purchase server products (such as PDF Server) for unattended batch conversion.
    The limit on PDF creation for a single DocuCom Workstation license is 250 files and 25,000 pages (both conditions fulfilled) per day. Please consider purchasing DocuCom PDF Server if daily demand exceeds those ceilings.
  • Per-Seat License: DocuCom Software is licensed on a per-seat basis and you as an individual may install the Software on one computer only. One copy of software license shall not be used in more than one computer. The machine for each user or per-seat in an organization/institute requires a DocuCom workstation product license. "Seat" means a license to (1) install or run software on a single computer, or (2) use a single computer to access the software. Each computer on which software is installed or accessed is considered a separate "Seat.".
  • Server Use Is Prohibited: It is prohibited to use DocuCom workstation products on a Windows server machine - please use DocuCom PDF Server for such a purpose.

  •     Documents for PDF Gold

    For Common Users:
    DocuCom PDF Gold Help File for Version 8(CHM, 1,014KB)


    Please make sure that you have read and agree with the End User License Agreement before downloading any product.

    Important: Any Serial Number, Key File, or Enabling program which changes the product to a paid (registered) version, must be separately purchased from Zeon Corporation, its authorized Distributors or VARs (Value Added Resellers).

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