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Key File Format Modified - An Important Message for earlier users of DocuCom software

Starting from DocuCom PDF Driver 7.50 and Plus 6.50 (both released on August 20, 2004), the key file format has been modified to be more user-friendly.Users of previous versions require the Enabler Patch in order to activate with this newer format.

Main Benefits:

1. The size of the key file has been reduced from about 450k bytes to less than 30k bytes.

2. The key file is now viewable through web browsers (such as IE).

3. Available for download immediately after purchase confirmation.

The key files obtained through online purchases recent recovery are already in the new format.

Note:The new key files can only successfully activate those products released after Aug 20, 2004. A patch is required for earlier product versions to recognize the new key file for activation.

Click here to download the patch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the format change and product activation.
1. I have a key file for PDF Driver 7.02 - can I use it on PDF Driver 7.50?
Of course - you can download PDF Driver 7.50 directly from our web site and use your key file to activate it. Or, you can retrieve a new key file instead.
2. I have a new key file, but I still want to use the earlier version (such as PDF Driver 7.02).
Make sure to download a patch file enabling the earlier version to recognize the new key file.
3. I am a user of PDF Driver 6.50, but I have lost the key file.
You can retrieve the key file after registering your copy in Zeon website successfully. Since the key file retrieved is the new format key file, you must download and install the patch first. You can also choose to upgrade PDF Driver from version 6.5 to 7.50, and then use the new key file to activate the new version.
4. I am a user of PDF Driver 5.0, but I have not received any key file yet.
Your product version is too old. You cannot use the new format key file to activate PDF Driver if it is below version 6.1. We suggest you purchase an upgrade to the latest version of PDF Driver.
5. I have installed the latest version, but the key file does not work at all.
First, fully uninstall the earlier version. Second, make sure the icon of the key file has been recognized by your Windows operating system, it should be a golden key with a blue background. Double-click the key file and it should work correctly.
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