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Email Deactivation for DocuCom Products - Versions 7.90 and 7.91
If only e-mail service is available, you may deactivate the product through e-mail
1. While uninstalling a DocuCom PDF product (such as PDF Gold), the deactivation process will start automatically. Otherwise, you may select Start>>Programs>>Zeon DocuCom>>PDF Gold>>License Information and click Deactivate to start the deactivation process.

2. Select Yes to start the deactivation process.
Note:The program will be uninstalled simultaneously with deactivation.

3. The uninstall process will begin. Select Next.

4. Choose Remove, then press Next.

5. Select Delete the license files. The program will then delete the license files after deactivation. Press Remove to finish uninstall process.

6. When the Product Deactivation Wizard window pops up, press Next to start deactivation.

7. Select By E-mail and click Next.

8. If your e-mail service and client are available, choose Send the E-mail for deactivation request and click Next to send a deactivation request to the specific account. Otherwise, you may choose Export a mail file for later sending and export the deactivation data as a mail file (a *.eml file), then send the mail from another computer to the specific account.

9. After the e-mail is sent, the deactivation is complete. You will receive a confirmation email for deactivation in a few minutes.

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