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Offline Activation for DocuCom Products (Versions 7.90 and 7.91)
1. Enter the serial number you got from your confirmation e-mail, and click "OK". (After the online payment, you will receive the Serial Number enclosed in a confirmation mail.).
Note: If you have already installed DocuCom PDF product (PDF Gold, for example) on your computer, you may choose "Start>>Programs>>Zeon DocuCom>>PDF Gold>>Buy-Activate" to enter your serial number.

2. Optionally enter your name and e-mail address, and click "Next".

3. Select "By uploading the activation data", and click "Next".

4. Click "Export..." to save your "activation data" as a file anywhere you like.

5. If you can connect your computer to our website, simply click "Upload" to open the activation data uploading page. Otherwise, you may copy the saved "activation data" file to any computer with the internet connection, and open the data file with IE.

6. Click "Upload" in the opened webpage.

7. Download the license file and save it to your hard disk.

8. Copy the license file to the computer with PDF Gold installed. Then double-click the license file, and click "Yes".

9. Offline activation process finished.

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