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Offline Deactivation for DocuCom Products - Versions 7.85 and below
1. While uninstalling a DocuCom PDF product (such as PDF Gold), the deactivation process will start automatically. If you only want to deactivate the activated product, simply select Start>>Programs>>Zeon DocuCom>>PDF Gold>>License Information, then click Deactivate to start the deactivation process.

2. Select Offline Deactivation and click Next

3. Click Export... to save your deactivation data as a file anywhere you like.

4. If you can connect your computer to our website, simply click Connect to link to our deactivation page. Otherwise, you may copy the saved deactivation data file to any computer with an internet connection, then visit

5. Upload the deactivation data file.

6. Offline deactivation process finished.

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