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Release Notes for PDF Gold
Release Note9.51 R1 (Nov-21-2008)
The latest update to PDF Gold 9 offers these enhancements and fixes:

Vertical Text Flow and Path Object Grouping now available for Save as Doc.
Document Settings are now accessible through PDF Direct.
Security now compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9.
Index supports Unicode paths and filenames.
PDF Direct supports certain special types of GIF files.
Release Note9.50 R1 (Aug-4-2008)
Release Notes 9.5 R1 (Aug-4-2008)

The latest release of PDF Gold 9 offers some new features and other minor improvements:

Recognize Form Fields - Automatically create form fields from a static PDF form.

Save as Doc - Save PDF documents as Microsoft Word Doc format.

Internet Explorer Bug Fixes - Fixed bug that cause IE to crash when certain fields were open.
Release Note9.10 R1 (Feb-4-2008)
The latest release of PDF Gold 9 offers some new features and other minor improvements:
  • The Tags Panel – View and edit a PDF document’s tags, used primarily to indicate structure and content to reading software for the visually-impaired.
  • The Fields Panel – Conveniently view and edit all forms fields of a document in the Fields Panel.
  • Ctrl+Mouse Scroll Wheel – Zooms the document view in or out.
  • Supports WordPerfect – PDF Driver now converts WordPerfect (.wpf) document files to PDF.
  • PDF Package search – Search the text of the PDF documents in a package.
  • Background PDF printing for PDF Direct! – Right-click conversion of files runs in the background, instead of popping up PDF Direct!.
  • Link/E-mail recognition – PDF Plus will recognize links and e-mail addresses in the text of a PDF and make them clickable.  
  • Print Issues resolved – Printing bugs with certain printers have been fixed.
Release Note9.00 R1 (Sep-30-2007)
A variety of new features and improvements have been included in DocuCom PDF Gold 9, as below: New Features:
  • 1. Improved User Interface/Work Area PDF Plus' newly designed work area is bigger and brighter than ever before.
  • 2. Customizable Toolbars Toolbars are now fully customizable to suit your own preferences. Don't use it? Hide it.
  • 3. Compare Documents Compare revisions of a document to easily spot any changes made.
  • 4. Highlight/Reset Form Fields Highlight form fields to make them easier to see. Reset fields to start over.
  • 5. Bates Stamping Professional-style indexing, primarily used in the law field.
  • 6. Split Document Separate a multi-page document into smaller, individual parts with ease.
  • 7. Convert Bookmarks into Table of Contents Turn your bookmarks into a convenient "table of contents" page.
  • 8. Rules and Guides Rulers and guides provide a reference for editing the size and placement of objects.
  • 9. Add/Touchup an Image Add image files to your PDF document and create transparency effects.
  • 10.Barcode Tool Form data is easily recorded with barcode scanning
  • 11.Movie and Sound Tool Add movies and sounds to your document to create a multimedia PDF experience.
  • 12.3D Tool PDF Plus now supports 3D files.
  • 13.Measurement Tool Measure objects in your document, either real-life or to scale.
  • 14.Migrate Comments Transfer comments from one document to another.
  • 15.Favorites Save links to your favorite PDF files for quick access.
  • 16.Redesigned User Interface - PDF Direct! Edit Profiles Editing conversion profiles is now easier with the Edit Profiles dialog.
  • 17.Combining multiple files into a PDF Package. Package multiple PDF files into one while keeping each file separate.


  • 1. Reset Comment appearance to default Choose Edit > Preferences > Comment. You can now reset Comment appearance to default settings.
  • 2. Search multiple words when separated by semicolon In Search mode, separate terms with a semicolon (e.g. "pdf;zeon") to search for both terms.
  • 3. New option items in the Comment Panel The Comment Panel now has an Options button with shortcuts to Migrate, Create, Import, or Export Comments.
  • 4. Web browser add-in - Convert web files to PDF Now you can convert web pages to PDF files.
  • 5. PDF Gold Crash and Dump If PDF Gold crashes, a dump page will be created which can be sent to tech support for reference.
  • 6. Detect and Repair for Installer Installer now detects previous versions of the software, and also features a repair option.
  • 7. File Size reduction when converting .xls and .ppt files Improved, more efficient conversion of XLS and PPT files.
Release Note8.10 R1 (Mar-19-2007)

PDF Gold 8.10 includes the following new  features and enhancements:

  • Redesigned digitally signing/certifying of PDFs.
  • Time Stamp in digital signature.
  • Enhanced securing of PDFs.
  • Removing sensitive content from PDFs.
  • Expanded textbox toolbar with Callout.
  • Text Markup tools.
  • E-Package - Send PDFs safely.
  • Enhanced Touchup tools.
  • Imposition.
  • Enhanced page/thumbnail assembling.
Release Note8.00 R1 (Nov-2-2006)
  • PDF Gold 8 fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • PDF Gol supports the latest PDF 1.6 specification, PDF/A and fully compatible with all PDF versions.
  • Significant Improvements on viewing speeding and proven high quality.
  • Newly designed user interface with more professional look and feel, and much more friendly and comfortable on easy using.
  • More secure activation control measures have been proved safer and easier. Only corresponding SN (Serial Number) will be needed to activate the products. The new mechanism allows activation within local area networks without access to Internet directly.
  • Can be freely added new items or modify contents in Destinations, Comments, and Attachments panels on Navigation.
  • The JavaScript feature in PDF Gold 8 realizes more functions.
  • Further improvements on optimizing for Web Viewing.
Release Note7.85 R1 (Nov-21-2005)
  • Fixed a bug of displaying PDF under IE.
  • Fixed a bug of displaying certain special PDF documents.
  • Fixed the bug of non-ASCII codes in form fields.
  • Fixed the bug of duplicate prompts for password.
  • Fixed the bug of dragging secured PDF file in IE window.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to Search, Form Fields, and Digital Signature.
Release Note7.84 R1 (Sep-30-2005)
  • Offline activation was supported.
  • Fixed a bug of displaying PDF under IE.
  • Fixed a bug of displaying certain special PDF documents.
  • Fixed the bug of non-ASCII codes in form fields.
  • Implement compression setting for direct image file conversion by using PDF Direct!.
  • Fixed the bug of the conflict between Outlook and Word Add-in.
  • Fixed a color palette problem related to FireFox browser.
  • Improved the quality of thin lines converted.
  • Fixed the bug of creating links in Word tables.
  • Fixed the problem of keeping the setting of "Convert Entire Workbook".
  • Improved the RGB color of converted image data.
Release Note7.83 R1 (Jul-29-2005)
  • Solve the problem of saving PDF in specified folder, when right-click to convert files to PDF.
  • Fixed the bug of showing the conversion buttons in MS Word toolbar -- for users with limited rights.
  • Fixed a crash bug of PDF Direct! when using a specific conversion setting.
  • Fixed the bug of inconsistent PDF version setting in Windows 98.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to right-click converting, combining, and overlaying PDF files.
  • Fixed the bug of duplicate prompts for password.
  • Fixed the bug of dragging secured PDF file in IE window.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to Search, Form Fields, and Digital Signature.
Release Note7.81 R1 (Jul-1-2005)
  • Fixed a problem of con-current use of PDF Direct.
  • Fixed the activation problem on Windows 98/ME.
  • Fixed the version problem of overlaid documents.
  • Fixed the problem of entering Japanese characters in PDF Form.
  • Fixed some form and signature related problems.
Release Note7.80 R1 (Jun-20-2005)
  • Support AES encryption.
  • Support Central Europe fonts.
  • Improve Web viewing within IE.
  • Re-enable MS Word's User Define Objects to bookmarks conversion.
  • Imporve the activation process.
Release Note7.79 R1 (Jun-9-2005)
  • Add "Find" command.
  • Fixed a bug of printing comments with opacity setting.
  • Fixed the bug of enabling the product with earlier (7.x) serial numbers.
Release Note7.78 R1 (May-27-2005)
  • When using Touchup Object tool, you can press "Ctrl" key and drag the handles to size the object proportionally.
  • When using Touchup Object tool, you can move the selected object faster by combining the "Arrow" keys with the "Shift" key.
  • Fixed the bug of setting "Off" as the Radio button export value.
  • Fixed the bug of activation behind proxy server.
  • Fixed the bug of earlier 7.x version activation.
  • Added "de-activate" feature.
  • Fixed the problem of migration -- upgrade Windows 9x to XP.
  • Fixed the bug of saving PDF Word settings on Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe.
Release Note7.77 R1 (May-2-2005)
  • Provide Free Gold Reader installation option, user may switch between Gold and Reader freely.
  • Improved the rendering speed of form fields.
  • Fixed a bug related to form field calculation.
  • Fixed and improved many bugs in product enabling and activation.
  • Improved the quality issue of converting RGB image to PDF.
  • Improved the path algorithms.
  • Fixed the font embedding bug in MS Publisher.
Release Note7.70 R2 (Apr-21-2005)

New Functions

  • Can choose PDF version when creating PDF by drag-drop files in PDF Gold.
  • Allow user to set transparency value for "Composite" watermark.

Fixed Problems

  • Correct the problem of IE's importing of PDF Gold (Plus) generated ".pfx" (Digital ID) file -- specific to Windows 98/ME.
  • Correct the font embedding problem of "Arial Narrow".
  • Correct the problem and Hyperlink location on "Custom Paper Size".
Release Note7.70 R0 (Apr-1-2005)

New Functions

  • You can Copy application data -- such as MS Word, and paste directly on PDF page.
  • Support large toolbar (the default setting for systems with over 1024*768 resolution). You may change the setting in Preference dialog.
  • Support form fields and link selection under Hand tool.
  • New JavaScript console for debugging.
  • Realize remote installation for enterprise depolyment.
  • Newly designed PDF Direct! for supporting multiple conversion settings.

Fixed Problems

  • Improve rendering speed.
  • Solved problems when opening some odd PDF files.
  • Fixed the signature crash problem under Windows 98.
  • Fixed a problem when displaying Driver created PDF with Acrobat 5.
  • Fixed the problem of starting Word and have PDF Word icon pasted when using "Ctrl+V".

Known Issues

  • Plus may crash if there is not enough disk space.
  • Some printing problems related to PS printer.
  • Do not support OpenType CFF embedding.
Release Note7.65 R1 (Feb-4-2005)
New Functions
  • Add Digital Signature and Encryption.
  • Advanced "Text Box" tool to support Rich Text Format.
  • Brand new Form tools for easier operation and more features.
  • Improve the over all re-draw function for better display quality.
  • New Eraser and Hammer tool.
  • Add new sub-folder control for building search folder.
  • Improve the Crop and Stamp tool.
  • Re-organize menu commands.
  • Allow left-hand operation.
  • Switch to Add-in rather than macro to avoid security check under MS Word. Only available for versions after Office 2000.
  • Allow PDF to PDF conversion within PDF Direct!.
  • Further improve image recognition algorithm to reduce PDF file size.
  • Fixed a potential bug in "Save in named folder, and prompt filename" naming method.
  • Improve quality of image to PDF conversion.
  • Fixed a bug when converting some special AutoCAD file to PDF.
Fixed Problems
  • Fixed the bug when specify security settings of certain specific PDF files.
  • Fixed the bug of certain Undo/Redo operation.
  • Fixed the bug of adding specific Clip Art to page contents.
  • Fixed the refresh bug when modify the transparency setting of comments tools.
  • Fixed the crash problem of certain specific PDF files when scrolling page view under 1600% magnification.
  • Fixed the blink problem of "Text Box" tool under Windows NT system.
  • Fixed the bug of opening DBCS named attach file.
  • Fixed the bug of show pound, euro, and RMB symbols in Form Text Field.
  • Fixed the bug of the 2 functions -- buttonImportIcon and buttonAlignX in JavaScript.
Known Issues
  • Page won't refresh on time when using the Touchup Object to drag object in some specific PDF files.
  • Cannot use mouse to move objects in certain specific pages, but keyboard is supported.
  • System may crash when creating Digital ID in Windows 98 system.
  • There are some quality issues when display images in certain specific PDF files.
  • There is a speed issue when display certain specific PDF files.
  • Cannot find or search Hebrew and Arabic languages.
  • Delete pages may cause the failure of certain hyperlinks.
  • May fail to display page contents when zoom in 1600% and also specify 1600% in Loupe tool.
  • Mouse cursor may blink within IE.
Release Note7.62 R1 (Dec-10-2004)
  • Fixed the problem of converting certain images under Windows 9x/ME systems.
  • Fixed the problem of showing watermark in very small sized page.
  • Use "Virtual Port" to replace the physical port used by DocuCom PDF Driver.
  • Fixed the problem of using "Right-Click" menu commands under certain PCs with limited computing power.
  • Fixed the problem of printing Gray Scale Image.
  • Fixed the bug of color space related to Non-Ture-Color images.
  • Fixed the problem of using Multi-Bytes (DBCS) characters in the Document Settings"Custom Fields" .
  • And other minor bugs.
  • All new "Click to Scroll" user interface. You can control the page scroll speed, direction and flip mode.
  • All new design for "Go to a page view" action for simplicity and easy to operate reasons.
  • Modify the "Stamp" selection method. All available stamps are now listed within Organizer.
  • Add new feature for save page object(s) as PDF.
  • Add new feature for saving page object as clip art.
  • Add progress meter for drag-drop conversion.
  • Temporarily remove the "watermark" feature in PDF Plus, will re-introduce watermark in next release with "Macro" support.
  • Solve several problems related to specific PDF files.
  • Fixed several bugs related to Touchup Text and Touchup Object tools.
  • Fixed several bugs related to Clip Arts tool.
Release Note7.61 R1 (Nov-22-2004)
  • Add "Watermark"feature, any text, image, or PDF page can be used as watermark.
  • Add Clipart feature; for adding objects on PDF pages, you can use any application file as the source.
  • Improve Object and Text Touchup capabilities; allows moving, scaling, and rotating any objects on PDF page; group/up-group page objects.
  • Newly designed "Organizer Panel" for easy management of all modeless dialogs such as Preference , Search , Clipart, and Properties of Comments , Form Fields , etc.
  • Add " Execute a menu item" action.
  • Add direct supports for various file formats -- Metafiles(*.wmf , *.emf) , Photo CD Files(*.pcd) , PhotoShop Files(*.psd) , Targa Files(*.tga) , TLA Files(*.tla) , Wireless BMP Files(*.wbmp) , etc. You can convert them to PDF directly.
  • Fixed several bugs in Touchup , Drag-Drop , and Form.
  • Fixed a bug of displaying certain special graphics.
  • Improve the quality of convert 32bits BMP to PDF.
  • Fixed the bug of showing trial watermark (registered copy) on inserted Office files.
Release Note6.51 R3 (Sep-17-2004)
  • Improve CMYK to RGB color conversion.
  • Change back to "Smooth Thin Line". (will have better results in most cases)
  • Fixed a minor bug of pattern boundary.
  • Correct a minor problem in Installer.
  • FModify Help/About menu items.
Release Note6.51 R2 (Sep-16-2004)
  • Disable Ctrl+W and Ctrl+O.
  • Add one API to selectively disable Hot Keys.
  • Fixed a bug of Copy/Paste under Win9x.
  • Fixed a minor bug in path rendering.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Unicode edit field when using "tab" key.