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Release Notes for PDF Server
Release Note9.10 R1 (Sep-12-2008)
  • Option to remove source files when job is complete.
  • Improved .Gif and .Tiff conversion.
  • Unicode now supported in conversion settings.
Release Note9.00 R1 (Jul-25-2008)
  • New User Interface based on PDF Driver 9 and PDF Direct
  • Manage user connections with PDF Console
  • Manage Job creation queue in PDF Console
  • Establish universal Conversion Profiles in PDF Console
  • Combine, Overlay, and Package PDF files
  • Wordperfect Support – Convert (.wpf) files
  • Supports PDF 1.7 standard
  • File size reduction when converting .xls and .ppt files
  • Crash and Dump – If PDF Server crashes, a dump page will be created which can be sent to tech support for reference.
  • Detect and Repair for Installer – Installer now detects previous versions of the software and features a repair option.
  • Updated Watch Folder application with more accessible user interface
  • Set daily operation schedule for Watch Folder to be active
  • Set automatic Prefix and Suffixes to your created PDFs in Watch Folder
  • Auto-rename or replace existing files with same name in Watch Folder
  • Log files for PDF Console and Watch Folder keep program record
Release Note8.00 R1 (Jul-5-2007)
Server 8.0 Release Note
Microsoft Windows Vista compatible.
Server 8.0 fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
Server 8.0 fully supports the latest PDF 1.6 specification and PDF/A.
Converting documents with multi-threads is enhanced.
Release Note7.85 R1 (Nov-3-2005)
  • Supports Offline Activation.
  • Improve the speed of Watch Folder of converting Word documents to PDF.
  • Fixed a Watch Folder bug of adding security settings while converting files to PDF.
  • Fixed a bug related to restricted user account under Terminal Server environment.
Release Note7.79 R1 (Jun-9-2005)
  • Add new APIs for "PDF to Image" conversion.
  • Modify the enabling/activation procedure.
Release Note7.70 R1 (Apr-12-2005)
PDF Server (which includes PDF Driver, PDFCMD, and other components) is mainly for server side un-attended processing targeting the enterprise market. See PDF Server License Terms for details.

Possible uses of PDF Server are:

(A) Third Party/In-house Development
To satisfied the growing needs of PDF processing, PDF Server (actually the PDFCMD) comes with an extensive yet easy-to-use COM APIs for developers to:

a. Convert files to PDF with compression, font embedding, watermark, security,
  document info... controls.
b. Page operations -- Combine/Overlay/Extract/Rotate/Delete/.... PDF pages.
c. Print (paper print) PDF documents.
d. PDF Form query/fill-in and flattening.
e. Render PDF page to image.
f. Creating Full-Text-Index and search.

It is very easy to create applications (either CS, or BS) with the APIs for PDF batch processing. Documents, and sample source codes are available to help the development.

(B) Watch Folder -- a Client Server Application for PDF Creation
PDF Server comes with a ready-to-use Watch Folder application (developed by Zeon) based on the Create APIs of PDFCMD.

Customer may configure as many watch folders as needed, and assign different conversion controls to each watch folder. Client users can simply copy files to one of the watch folder to have them converted to PDF with the giving conversion control settings.

As long as clients can share (copy files to) the watch folders, there is no need to install any client side module. See "Watch folder Online Guide" for details.

(C) Installable Client Side Application
(Not available yet) We are planning to write a client side application to talk to PDF Server and have files converted to PDF on server side. This application will have the same look-and-feel as PDF Direct! 7, which is included in "DocuCom PDF Driver 7.70".

(D) Browser Based Application
(Not available yet) We are also working on a browser (IE) based application for PDF file conversion. There will be no installable components on client side.

(E) Growing Feature Set
PDF Server is a growing product. Due to the flexibility of the PDFCMD architecture, it is easy to introduce new APIs/Functions/Features -- whenever necessary, for supporting enterprise wide PDF processing.