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PDF Server 9 (ENG) Released!
July 25th, 2008 – Zeon announces the arrival of PDF Server 9, a PDF document creator for server environments. Based on Zeon’s PDF Driver software, popular features like Combine, Overlay, and Package PDFs are now available on Server for the first time. Also, with the new Console/Client interface administrators can manage user connections, prioritize the job queue, and establish set conversion profiles for all who log in. PDF Server’s fast conversion times and smaller file sizes make it the most efficient high-volume PDF creator on the market.
Experience the new, simple-to-use PDF Server 9 with a free trial download today!
New Features:
  • New, user-friendly interface based on PDF Driver 9 and PDF Direct!
  • Control all user connections and PDF creation from PDF Console
  • Combine, Overlay, and Package PDF files
  • Supports PDF 1.7 and Wordperfect (.wpf) conversion

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