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Bundled in HotDocs
On April 2003, Zeon provides PDF technology integrated with HotDocs of LexisNexis. The LexisNexis Group provides information to legal, corporate, government and academic markets, and publishes legal, tax and regulatory information, via online, hardcopy print and CD-ROM formats. The global legal and information division of Reed Elsevier plc, LexisNexis Group combines dozens of brands that are leaders within their respective markets, including Butterworths, Les Editions du Juris Classeur and Martindale-Hubbell. LexisNexis Group is the global legal publishing arm of Reed Elsevier, the Anglo-Dutch world-leading publisher and information provider. Sister business units provide global science, business-to-business and education publishing services for their markets. HotDocs creates the templates to automate frequently used documents and generate flawless custom documents in less time that it takes to complete a "Search and replace" with existing word processor! This will reduce liability caused by careless mistakes, reduce costly proofreading cycles, ensure all of your associates are using the best document - not a compromised document - as their template. Please go visit LexisNexis at for more information regarding the products of HotDocs and related technologies.

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