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What is the "Deactivation Online" item in my account used for?
When activating the product online and encountering error says your maximum number of activation is exceeded, you must deactivate on previous activated computer. But sometimes machines installed before are out of use and cannot deactivate locally. You may delete your activation record(s) and be able to activate the product again by using "Deactivation Online" in your account.
1. Sign in our website with your account.
2. Choose "Deactivation Online", then your licenses those can be deactivated online will be listed.
3. Press "Deactivation Online" button beside, and follow the instruction to finish the process. This action will clear all activation records of this SN, and all activations before will be invalid. After deleting the activation record, you should stop using the product on associated PC machine immediately.
Please note:
1. Only serial number of version 8.X can be deactivated online.
2. After deactivation online, the serial number can be reactivated on other computers as our EULA declares.
3. Each SN can be only executed "Deactivation Online" twice.
4. This action "Deactivation Online" cannot be reversed. Please be careful to confirm firstly. If you need any more help, please contact our support team via the

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