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How to purchase additional licenses for corporate customers?
Most of the time, corporate customers need to just keep one single serial number for one Zeon product to cover all of licenses after purchasing additional copies. This can be easily done thru upgrading the current products or purchasing more copies. A new serial number licensed for the total copies including newly added number of copies will be issued to replace the original one.

1. Sign in on Zeon web site or click here to create a free account if you didn"t have one yet.

2. Click "Register My License" button in the page "My Product List" and enter the product serial number you have for previous purchase, then click "Register Now" button. The license information will be shown in page "My Product List". If you purchased the product(s) as a registered user, the product license would be registered automatically.

3. Click "Upgrade/Buy More" button, you can choose to purchase the upgrade or buy additional copies by following the direction.

4. Enter the quantity required for upgrade or additional purchase in the page "Upgrade Sheet", then click "Goto Bank" button to go payment process with online bank system.

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