PDF Core Library ReadMe

PDF Core Library is a Windows dynamic link library which exports a complete set of APIs for creating PDF-capable applications. Low-level functions directly control the PDF data stream while powerful APIs are used for parsing, viewing, printing, and editing PDF files. PDF Core Library is the fundamental building block for all Zeon DocuCom products.

1. System Requirements
2. Different Editions of PDF Core Library
3. How to Purchase PDF Core Library
4. How to Install PDF Core Library
5. How to Initialize PDF Core Library
6. PDF Core Sample
7. How to get Help

1. System Requirements

--- Pentium®-class processor
--- Microsoft®Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows NT4 with SP 6, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional/Home, or Windows XP Tablet PC
--- 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
--- 5 MB of available hard-disk space for the installable files.

Since the installer creates temporary files during installation, the actual hard disk space required to install the program is greater than listed above. Reading PDF documents also requires temporary files to be created, necessitating more hard disk space.

2. Different Editions of the PDF Core Library

Currently, only the OEM edition is available for OEM customers. Other editions will be available at the Zeon Online Store in the near future.

OEM Edition: Currently, this is the only PDF Core Edition for OEM customers to deploy  PDF Core Library within their target application.

After signing the OEM contract, a tailor-made OEM installer will be forwarded to the customer to be included in the target application.

Developer must call an API to "Activate" (Enable) ReaderOCX - one time

A special "Key Code" (Serial Number) is created and sent to the customer for Initializing the PDF Core Library at run-time.

Note: Please contact Zeon to obtain the "DocuCom OEM Products" document for how to acquire/install and initialize the OEM edition.

3. How to Purchase the PDF Core Library

OEM bundle business
Please contract the Zeon Corporation directory at: sales@pdfwizard.com for OEM business arrangements. OEM customers will receive the OEM version of PDF Core Library to be included in the setup process of their target application.

4. How to Install the PDF Core Library

OEM Edition Only
Please contact Zeon to obtain the "DocuCom OEM Products" document for details on how to acquire/install and initialize the OEM edition.

5. How to Initialize the PDF Core Library

The PDF Core Library must be properly initialized. Otherwise, there will be a "Trial" watermark on each page displayed or printed.

OEM Edition
Please contact Zeon to obtain the "DocuCom OEM Products" document for details on how to acquire/install and initialize the OEM edition.

6. The PDFCore Sample

OEM Edition
We have included some simple source codes and header files to demonstrate the use of PDF Core Library.

7. How to get Help

Frequently Asked Questions: Visit http://www.pdfwizard.com/eng/faq/faq.aspx to read the FAQ.
Technical Support: Online Support
Marketing/Sales: sales@pdfwizard.com.

DocuCom OEM Products: This document gives everything you need to know about DoucCom OEM Products - with complete sample codes for install/uninstall/activate/initialize the OEM product. Only available for OEM customers.

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