ZEON License Proxy (ZNLP) User Guide
1. What is ZNLP?
ZNLP (ZEON License Proxy) is a new license distribution tool for DocuCom product activation since the version 8 release. With one machine acting as the ZNLP server, client computers within the same local network are no longer required to activate and deactivate their products through ZEONís activation website. The ZNLP controls the licenses of the other computers instead. ZNLP is of great use to those who cannot connect to the internet or want their software management centralized.

2. How does ZNLP control activation?

ZNLP acts as a proxy between Zeonís activation website and the client computers. First, the ZNLP server, a machine with ZNLP installed, connects to ZEON's activation website and obtains the license for all product copies. When a client user starts PDF Plus, it will automatically connect to the ZNLP server to verify the license. The ZNLP server will check if the client user has the license rights and decide whether to approve or to deny.


  • ZNLP is not allowed to deactivate products.
  • ZNLP cannot be used to activate DocuCom PDF Server.


3. Per-Seat Licenses and ZNLP.

Per-Seat License: The Software is licensed on a per-seat basis and the user as an individual may install the Software on one computer only. One copy of licensed software shall not be used in more than one computer. The machine for each user or per-seat in an organization/institute requires a DocuCom workstation products license. "Seat" means a license to, (1) install or run software on a single computer, or (2) use a single computer to access software. Each computer on which software is installed or run, or from which software is accessed is considered a separate Seat.

ZNLP can control both Per-Seat and Concurrent licenses in separate ways. It controls Per-Seat licenses by recording the clientís computerís information and controls Concurrent licenses by limiting the maximum number of concurrent users.

  • Since ZNLP activates all copies of a serial number on the ZEON Activation Server, A serial number cannot be activated in ZNLP if it has been activated in a terminal client machine.
  • Per-Seat licenses cannot be deactivated if it is controlled by ZNLP.  
  • ZNLP control the use of both Concurrent and Per-seat licenses by recording the computer names of their users. ZNLP cannot recognize users whose computer name has changed and they will be unable to receive a license from ZNLP. Please be careful with this point.

    4. How to download a ZNLP install file
    Download the ZNLP install file at http://www.pdfwizard.com/DocuCom/Products/ZNLP/Zeon_License_Proxy.exe.

    5. How to activate products with ZNLP
  • Download the ZNLP install file from ZEON's website and save it on the machine which is to be used as the ZNLP Server.
  • Run the install file to install the License Proxy. It will be installed in the Program Files/Zeon/DocuCom folder.
  • Choose All Programs > ZeonDocuCom > Zeon License Proxy > Zeon License Proxy to start the License Proxy application.
  • In the ZNLP Configuration window, choose Operate > Activate. The Product Activation Wizard dialog box will pop up.
  • Select an activation method and click OK. (For detailed steps to the activation method, please see Activation)
  • When you see the Activation Succeeded dialog box, the License Proxy has finished activation on the Zeon Activation Server. The licensed serial number used for activation will show in the License Proxy list on the left panel.  

    ZNLP User Interface