PDF Reader OCX Read Me
PDF Reader OCX Read Me

DocuCom PDF Reader OCX is an ActiveX control for Windows developers and is the easiest way to deploy PDF technology in other Windows applications. Based on our robust PDF Core Library and PDF Reader technology, the PDF 1.3/1.4/1.5 specification-conforming Reader OCX 6.x fully supports PDF browsing and printing, plus many useful tools to annotate your PDF documents without modifying the original PDF file.

The following topics will help you to learn more about PDF Reader OCX:

  • System Requirements
  • Different Editions of Reader OCX
  • How to Purchase Reader OCX
  • How to Install/Uninstall Reader OCX
  • How to Initialize Reader OCX
  • The Sample Container
  • How to get HELP
  • Known Problems

    1. System Requirements
    --- Pentium?-class processor
    --- Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT 4 with SP 6, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional Home, or Windows XP Tablet PC
    --- 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
    --- 5 MB of available hard-disk space for the installable files.

    During installation, the installer creates temporary files that may necessitate greater hard drive space than listed above. Reader OCX also requires much larger temporary space when reading PDF documents.

    2. Different Editions of the Reader OCX

    There are 3 different "Editions" of the DocuCom PDF Reader OCX:

    Trial Edition : The Trial edition of DocuCom Reader OCX is available on Zeon's Web site: http://www.pdfwizard.com/. You can download it free for evaluation purposes.

    Zeon's "Sample Container" application (executable) is also included to demonstrate the features/functions you can realize with the Reader OCX.

    Note : After installing the Trial Edition, you can find the "Sample Container" shortcut in "Start > Programs > Zeon DocuCom > Reader OCX".

    SDK Edition : SDK Edition: To help speed up your development, purchase the SDK edition with extra documents and sample codes from our online store: http://www.pdfwizard.com/

    The "PDF Reader OCX SDK" document (in PDF format) gives detail API descriptions for programming purpose.

    Complete source codes of the " Sample Container " ¡§C both in VC and VB binding are included. SDK customers are allowed to modify or adapt the codes to their own needs.

    Note 1 : After purchasing the SDK Edition online, you will receive a "Product Key File" for the Reader OCX. Please follow the instructions in it to "Activate" the SDK edition - essentially, removing the trial watermark on each PDF page.

    Note 2 : After installing the SDK Edition, you can find the "Sample Container" shortcut in "Start > Programs > Zeon DocuCom > Reader OCX," together with source codes and documents.

    OEM Edition : This is for the deployment of Reader OCX within a customer's application.

    After signing the OEM contract, a tailor-made OEM installer will be forwarded to the customer to be included in the target application.

    Developer must call an API to "Activate" (Enable) ReaderOCX - one time.

    A special "Key Code" (Serial Number) is created and sent to the customer for initializing the Reader OCX at run-time.

    Note : Please contact Zeon at sales@pdfwizard.com to obtain the "DocuCom OEM Products" document for instructions on how to deploy the OEM edition and OEM licensing.

    Test-drive the Trial program :

    Come to our Web site to download and install the "Trial" version of PDF Reader OCX , together with the sample container . The trial version of PDF Reader OCX will add a "Trial Watermark" on each PDF page it displayed or printed .

    Purchase the SDK Edition. (for developers)
    The SDK Edition includes the OCX itself, together with API documents, and the source codes of the sample container ¡§C in both VC and VB. Please v isit our Online Store at http://www.pdfwizard.com and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment with supported credit cards. Otherwise, you can download and fill-in the order form , then Fax us with required ordering information.

    OEM bundle business

    Please contact Zeon Corporation at: sales@pdfwizard.com for OEM business arrangements. Usually, we need your company information and software product(s) to complete the contract.

    OEM customers will receive the OEM version of the Reader OCX to be included in the setup process of the target application.

    4 . How to Install/Uninstall the Reader OCX

    Important : Because the Reader OCX could be a shared module among different applications and Windows allows only one registration. To avoid possible conflicts, the Reader OCX Installer will enforce the installation directory to: "Program Files\Zeon\DocuCom\PDF Reader OCX".

    Trial and SDK Edition

    1 > Execute the "ReaderOCX.msi" program at:

    Start>Programs>Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

    2 > In the Setup dialog box, click Next whenever you are ready to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions to read the introduction, and accept the license agreement.

    3> Enter your name, your organization (optional), select for all users or current user , and then click  Next or Install to begin the installation.

    4> When the process is complete, a message will tell you that PDF Reader OCX is installed. Click Finish to complete the installation.

    Note 1 : Files are installed in Program Files\Zeon\DocuCom\PDF ReaderOCX and shortcuts are created for the Sample Container. For the SDK edition, there are some extra shortcuts for related documents and source codes.

    Note 2 : you cannot change the destination folder for the PDF Reader OCX files, because the OCX module needs to be registered and may be shared by different applications.

    OEM Edition Only

    Please contact sales@pdfwizard.com to obtain the DocuCom OEM Products¡± for details.

    5 . How to Initialize the Reader OCX

    The Reader OCX must be properly initialized. Otherwise, there will be a "Trial" watermark on each page displayed or printed.

    Trial Edition

    There will always be a "Trial" watermark displayed.

    SDK Edition

    Customers who purchase the SDK Edition will receive a "Product Key File" to convert the "Trial" license to a normal one - essentially removing the trial watermark.
    Remove Trial Watermark in the "Sample Container": You need to modify the source codes of the "Sample Container" included in the SDK Edition by following the instructions below:
    Remove Trial watermark in target application: You need to modify the call to "Initialize" the Reader OCX at run-time. See below:

    You MUST initialize the Reader OCX at run-time to remove the "Trial" watermark ¨C by using the ¡°Serial Number¡± in the ¡°Product Key File¡± you received from Zeon Corporation: The Serial Number is a 32byte data file which is needed during initialization. For example: "E9A2-643D-4DB7-76EF-A392-239F-291D-E894".
    VC Sample:
    CPDFReaderOCX* pPDFReaderOCX = new CPDFReaderOCX() ;
    pPDFReaderOCX->Create( ... ) ;
    pPDFReaderOCX->Initialize("E9A2643D4DB776EFA392239F291DE894" ) ;
    pPDFReaderOCX->OpenFile( szFileName, szPassword ) ;

    VB Sample:
    Dim lr As Long
    PDFReaderOCX1.Initialize ("E9A2643D4DB776EFA392239F291DE894")
    lr = PDFReaderOCX1.OpenFile(ParamText1.Text, ParamText2.Text)
    ReturnValue.Text = CStr(lr)

    OEM Edition

    Please contact sales@pdfwizard.com to obtain the ¡°DocuCom OEM Products¡± for details.

    6 . The Sample Container

    Zeon's implementation of the "Sample Container" is to demonstrate the features and functions that can be realized by client applications.

    Important : The sample container is never intended to be complete and thoroughly engineered. There is no error handling and boundary check, and "Trial" watermark will always been displayed without modifying the codes.

    How to Remove "Trial" watermark : For SDK Edition bundled with the source codes of the sample container, customers MUST modify the source codes to properly ¡°Initialize¡± Reader OCX to remove the ¡°Trial¡± watermark. See section 5 for details.

    Trial Edition

    For the Trial Edition, only the executable is included and the installer will create necessary shortcut for it.

    SDK Edition

    The SDK Edition also contains the source codes (in both VC and VB) of the sample container together with the API document. You can freely modify and include them in your application.

    If you want to use the Sample container without the "Trial" watermark, please modify the source codes to properly initialize the Reader OCX -- See section 5 for details. OEM Edition

    OEM Edition is for distribution purpose only. It contains no "Sample Container".

    To start the Sample Container :

    Click the Start Menu, choose :

    "Programs > Zeon DocuCom > PDF Reader OCX > Sample Container "

    7 . How to get HELP

    Frequently Asked Questions: Visit http://www.pdfwizard.com to read the FAQ.
    Technical Support: Online Support
    Marketing/Sales: sales@pdfwizard.com

    Most technical support requests are handled within 24 hours, and SDK Edition customers will have first priority.


    “Updates” are available for free to customers for their version of the software. This means customers with version 5.0 have access to any updates marked 5.x. These updates include bug fixes, minor improvements, and other maintenance modifications.
    Upgrades need to be purchased and are typically labeled with a new number designation such as 6.0 as compared to 5.0. They represent major improvements to the product and usually come with API changes.
    OEM customers may or may not need to purchase an "upgrade." Usually, only a fixed charge is required for preparing a new OEM installer.


    PDF Reader OCX SDK: This document is a detailed programming guide for all supported API methods. You need to purchase the Reader OCX SDK Edition to receive it.
    Sample Container Source Codes: The complete source codes of the ¡°Sample Container¡± ¨C in both VC and VB, are available for developers. You need to purchase the Reader OCX SDK Edition to receive it.
    DocuCom OEM Products: This document gives everything you need to know about DoucCom OEM Products ¨C with complete sample codes to install/uninstall/activate/initialize the OEM product. Only available for OEM customers.

    8. Known Problems

    1. VB Printing Problem: Due to Windows GDI data structure, you cannot use the default "Printer.hdc" in VB codes to print a PDF document. Instead, you must use the "CreateDC" method to realize the printing function. We are currently working on this issue with Microsoft.

    2. Shading Problem: Not all shading types are supported at this moment. We will include full support in next release, scheduled within Dec. 2003.
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