Maintenance Service
For Normal License of DocuCom PDF Reader OCX on Runtime Distribution

LICENSEEs are automatically entitled to receive any new versions of the licensed product that are released within 30 days of the purchase date. For runtime distribution for normal DocuCom PDF Reader OCX licenses, purchase of maintenance service will be required if LICENSEE wants to receive new upgrade versions and support after the first 30 days of purchase date.

All licenses are valid without any restriction of time (i.e. eternally). However, new upgrade versions of the software of PDF Reader OCX may only be obtained during the established maintenance period. Technical support is also limited to the maintenance period.

An optional, additional maintenance service accompanied with volume orders is offered for further protection and warranty on packaged supports. It will cover and include all free upgrades and technical support during the maintenance timeframe purchased starting from the purchase date.

Zeon's definition: "UPGRADE" means major version number changes, such as: v6.5 to v7.0; “UPDATE” means minor version number changes, such as: v7.0 to v7.5.

Maintenance Service entitles LICENSEE to the following:

Conditions WITHOUT Maintenance
Those without maintenance operate under the following conditions:

COST FOR Maintenance:
The service has options for one, two or three years. Please see the price list on Zeon's website for details. Usually product upgrades are announced once a year and product updates once every few months.

COST WITHOUT Maintenance:
The cost of an upgrade is usually greater than the cost of maintenance service, so it is wiser to purchase the service if planning to upgrade in the future.

RENEWAL ON Maintenance
Annual maintenance service for DocuCom PDF Reader OCX, normal license, can be renewed for an extended period of time before expiration of the maintenance service. Please contact for pricing.

Maintenance LIMITATION
The maintenance service does not include programming support or support that is not related to a product fault. For additional engineering supports outside of the regular maintenance service, a separate charge based on effort and resources expended will be applied. Please contact for quotes in this case.

If LICENSEE encounters problems with PDF Reader OCX: