License Terms-- DocuCom server product
You can use DocuCom Server for corporate intranet use only. Usage of DocuCom Server product in an Internet environment is strictly prohibited.
Please see Server License Agreement for details.
  • Each server machine requires a separate license. There is no limitation on the number of connected users or concurrent users.
  • There are 5 performance levels (Permitted Performance Level) for DocuCom Server, each with a different price.
  • The entry level "1000 pages/100 files per hour" license should be able to answer the needs of most small-size companies, while the "2000 pages/200 files per hour", "5000 pages/500 files per hour", and "10000 pages/1000 files per hour" licenses can cover a wide range of business requirements. The "Unlimited" license is suitable for large-scale corporations that require massive processing power.
    For each license, PDF Server will stop processing if, and only if, both limits (pages and files) are exceeded, and will resume after one hour. Customers may purchase extra power (upgrades) whenever necessary.